cPanel Reseller Hosting

  • Deploy cPanel hosting accounts. Pay As You Use.

  • Only £10/month base price

  • £0.50 per GB storage

  • £0.50 per cPanel account

CPanel reseller hosting packages offer a low-cost solution for web designers to host their customers, providing everything you needed to administer domains, email accounts, databases and site files. Whether you need to host a few customer’s web services or hundreds, our pay as you use model allows you to grow inline with your client base.

cPanel Reseller Hosting



  • £0.50 per GB (no disk space limit)
  • £0.50 per cPanel account (no account limit)
  • Free SSL certificate for each site
  • Host as many websites as you like
  • Define your own hosting packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Unlimited mail forwarders
  • Softaculous Apps installer (one click WordPress installations)
  • Google Ads voucher (subject to availability)
  • Backups built in by default (14 days of restore points retained)
  • Object caching built in by default
  • Litespeed web server (with crawler available)

Powerful cPanel Reseller Hosting


cloud storage fast low density server

Performance Optimised Hosting

With object caching and the Litespeed web server (with crawler availability) available by default, our reseller hosting platform is designed with performance in mind. Reduced page load times and improved user in a few clicks.


technical support

Priority Technical Support

Exclusive access to our Technical Support Team who will help you with any web hosting related issues.


Easy DNS Management

Full DNS Management

With an easy to use Zone Manger, one click SPF and DKM configuration add on domain and subdomain creation and management all in one user friendly interface.


Easy script installer

Easy script installer

Install WordPress, Joomla Drupal and many more popular CMS in a few clicks.

infinite unlimited bandwidth and webspace

Unlimited Bandwidth & Web Space

No limit on the amount of disk space you can use or the amount of cPanel accounts you can deploy (per GB and per cPanel account billing applies). Host without the worry of running out of disk space, or needing to make a purchase to be able to host a new customer.


Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Free, automatic SSL certificate installation for all domains resolving to our platform, for your website’s added safety and security.


Got a question? Get in touch with our business hosting experts today.

Full Reseller Hosting Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Reseller Web Hosting?

The best reseller hosting offers a combination of reliability, unlimited resources, and the ability to deploy cPanel hosting accounts as and when you need to. NetNerd’s reseller hosting is a great choice as it’s ideal for websites of all sizes and includes essential features such as built in backups, object caching, the Litespeed Web Server, an SSL certificate for each website.

Will I Get WHM access My Hosting Plan?

Yes, with NetNerd’s reseller hosting plan, you can use WHM (web host manager) access to allow you to create your own packages, manage your reseller accounts, and to be able to create and deploy cPanel accounts as and when you need to.

How Much Bandwidth Will I Get?

NetNerd’s reseller hosting offers unlimited bandwidth, ensuring high-speed data transfer for your website without any concerns.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting provides a scaled down server manager (as you don’t need to administer the server itself), that allows you to set up hosting packages, then deploy them as and when you need to with no additional purchase. You simply login in, create an account and you, or your customer can then start creating a site and mailboxes.

Can I Host Multiple Domains on my Reseller Hosting Account?

Yes, with NetNerd’s reseller hosting this is completely flexible. You can deploy multiple cPanel accounts (one for each domain) or you can deploy singular cPanel accounts containing multiple domains if your customer has a more varied web presence.