Website Optimisation Service

  • Improved page loading times and overall website performance

  • 100 per site
    (Page builder switch or conversion at an additional cost).

Website Performance Optimisation

When your website is slow, it isn’t always obvious what you should do or how to go about things. There’s also a lot of generalised information on the internet about how to make your website faster, but will this work for your site?

Websites are very variable, so what works for one website won’t always work for others.

That’s why we offer a website optimisation service: To help you get your website loading quickly!

We’ll take a look at your website, analyse it to work out what it is that’s making it slow, and do what we can to address the performance problems for you.

The speed of your website affects more than you think it might.

Website performance has been a ranking factor used by Google since February 2022. Having a website that laods quickly is key to ranking well in google search results.

Visitors spend less time on websites that take longer to load pages and are less likely to place orders on websites that perform poorly. Improving your website’s performance can help you appeal more to customers, and make more sales if you’re selling online.

Vodafone A/B Improved their site’s LCP metric by 31% and saw sales increase by 8%.

Swappie increased mobile revenue by 42% by focusing on Core Web Vitals.

Pinterest was able to increase the performance of their mobile signup page by 60% and, consequently, increase the conversion rate of the page by 40%.

Is your website slow or sluggish?

We can make speed up your website and make it faster.

Do your website's pages take a long time to load?

We can make your websites pages load quickly, with optimised output.

Does the back end of your website take a long time to respond?

We’ll identify the cause of the slow back end and optimise to make it respond in less time.

Website Optimisation Service



(this may cost more if a page builder switch is required)

  • Full performance audit
  • Page weight reduction
  • Render blocking resources addressed
  • LCP and FCP optimisation
  • Browser hint integration
  • Database cleaning and optimisation
  • Page output optimisation
  • Reduction of unused Javascript
  • Full asset management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is website performance important?

Website performance affects many factors, such as where your site ranks in Google, how long visitors spend on your site, sales and conversion rates, and an overall impression of your company or website. Nobody likes a slow loading website, not you, not your visitors, and not the google bot.

How do you know what to optimise?

There are a lot of tools available to carry out website performance audits such as Google’s Page Speed Insights and Debug Bear’s Page Speed Test. We also use some of the facilities in Google Chrome’s developer tools, such as code coverage, performance and the network waterfall. We use these to identify what aspects of your site cause delays in browser rendering. We also analyse your site from the inside to establish which components have code that takes a long time to execute or that perform a large number of or intensive database queries. We then use this information to establish what needs to be done, then we start going about doing it.

How do you carry out the website optimisation?

This is very varied according to what needs to be optimised. In some cases we may undertake activities such as database tuning, on other cases we may have to inline your critical CSS and defer non-critical assets, or change the way that your site loads certain scripts or LCP Images. In extreme cases we may have to swap out poor performing plugins for plugins with equivalent functionality, in other extreme cases we may have to move you away from certain page builders that are known to add bloat to site pages.

Will the optimisation you do last for ever?

It’s a bit hard to completely know this for sure. It’s highly likely to persist but there are some aspects we can’t cover (such as changes made to your site post optimisation and plugin updates). The optimisation is likely to persist to a degree for some time, is about as specific as we can be. There is the option of requesting a performance audit should performance deteriorate, but we’ll do what we can to prevent the need to do this.

Can you tell me how to do this, and I pay less?

Ironic as it sounds, we’d have to charge you more for this than the optimisation service itself. It takes us less time to carry out this work than it does to train or explain this to other people. There’s quite a lot of underlying knowledge needed to carry out website optimisation and it isn’t the easiest task to master. It’s chiefly this reason that’s prompted us to offer this as a service, rather than providing guidance (although one of our staff does blog about performance optimisation quite considerably).