5 Top Tips for Creating Your First Business Website

Woman building a business website

Creating your first business website is not something to be taken lightly. It takes time and patience to produce something that not only looks good, but also functions efficiently.

Here at NetNerd, we provide a host of services that can assist our customers with the technical side of things. Since we’re always prepared to go the extra mile, here are five top tips for creating your first business website.

What’s in a name?

It’s important to choose your domain name wisely as it soon becomes a recognised part of your corporate brand. Ideally, it should describe the product or service you provide. If you deal exclusively with local customers, you could also include your location in the domain name to improve SEO rankings and further direct them towards your site. At NetNerd, free domain registration is part of our business hosting package, so securing a domain name that works for you couldn’t be easier. We also provide low-cost domain registration separately if you choose one of our other plans.

The need for speed

If your website loads too slowly, you’re going to lose customers – it’s as simple as that. Over 50% of users report giving up on any website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Not only that, but Google will track these lag times and demote you in their search engine rankings as a result. Keep ahead of the pack with a super-fast, unlimited web hosting package from NetNerd.

Nice and easy

You’re going to want to keep your website updated on a regular basis, so you’ll need a fast and intuitive content management system to do so. One click installation of the most popular website platforms, including WordPress, is provided with all of our hosting packages. We even provide free access to the Weebly drag and drop site builder, so you can create your website without any previous coding knowledge and make changes as required without the need for a developer.

Keep it simple

Business website with white spaceA business website should be easy to navigate – you’re creating a positive online experience, not a scavenger hunt. Wherever possible, nothing your customers need to access should be more than two mouse-clicks away from the homepage.

It’s also recommended that you keep your website clean and uncluttered by including white space into your design. In web design, white space refers to the space around the elements that make up the page such as images, typography and icons. White space makes it easier to scan the content and digest it as well as creating a natural flow through the site. Designers often incorporate white space to convey luxury, high quality or a modern image.

Knowledge is power

People come to your website for a reason – to learn more about your company and your products or services. Make your content as informative as possible as this is the information they will use to decide whether your products or services are right for them. As an expert in your industry, it can be all too tempting to use technical terms your audience may not be familiar with, so try to write your content in a language they will understand. Don’t forget that your website should also demonstrate your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) – what you can offer your customers that none of your competitors can.

If you’re ready to start building your first business website, give yourself a head-start by signing up for a NetNerd hosting package today. Not sure where to start? Call our team of experts on 0333 222 4080 and we’ll be happy to assist.