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NetNerd’s Technical Support Policy


Netnerd provides a shared hosting platform and is responsible for keeping it operational, with a configuration that follows industry best practices and is kept up to date with security updates as they become available from vendors.


Website coding

Netnerd does not provide support for debugging PHP/HTML/CSS code, other than providing messages from error logs to assist with customer diagnosis of their code. Netnerd does not provide site optimisation services, or advice/support regarding site optimisation.


Changes to websites

Netnerd does not make changes to websites. We provide a platform on which you can host a site, but the development (including site changes) and maintenance of the site is the responsibility of the customer or their developer.


Server updates

Netnerd is required to keep our servers up to date at all times, this means that from time to time, old software versions will become unavailable either due to security issues, or incompatibility with modern server operating systems.

If you require out of date software on a long term basis, for example an older Perl version, the use of end of life versions of PHP (and associated modules), outdated/vulnerable cipher suites you will need to purchase a VPS and be responsible for keeping it secure.


Client Software

We do not guarantee that our services will be compatible with client software such as email clients which are no longer supported by their respective vendors.

We will provide settings to be used in client software, end users are however responsible for configuring software installed on their local devices.

You may be directed to the vendor of the software you’re using for guidance covering how to use their software. It’s not our responsibility to explain to you how to use software that hasn’t been provided by ourselves.


Development sites/cloning sites

We don’t make copies of your site to development areas for customers. Nor do we move development sites to live areas for customers.



We keep the server and underlying services updated. The updating of site software (CMS), site code and client based software is the responsibility of the account owner.



It’s the responsibility of the account owner to secure their site(s) and clients/client based software. The underlying server and associated services are kept up to date and secure by Netnerd by default.


Netnerd Malware Policy

Netnerd is not responsible for the patching, updating and securing of sites and CMS our customers elect to deploy in the hosting accounts Netnerd provide. This is solely the responsibility of the account owner.

Should malware be detected in a hosting account the respective hosting account will be suspended within 24 hours if the malware is not removed once identified and customer informed. We cannot, as a responsible web host, leave infected accounts online causing problems for others.

The cleaning and removal of malware is deemed to be the responsibility of the account owner, NetNerd do not provide a service that covers this.

Once we can verify that it’s now clean, we will unsuspend the site.

If we have to continually suspend the account due to malware then we may look to terminate services if it becomes apparent you are unable to keep your site files secure.


Guidance relating to external providers

We don’t provide guidance with regards to how to use services specific to other providers, this includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • External DNS management
  • How to configure/use Cloudflare services


External DNS management

By not using our nameservers you prevent us from making DNS changes for you. If you’re not using our nameservers you’ll be provided with the required records/record correction advice, but we can’t provide much more input than this, including, but not limited to who to make the required change with, or specifically how to make the required change.


Educational overhead

Netnerd provides services that are available for use, these operate in a standard manner. We don’t provide guidance or education regarding how to use these services, or provide insight into the functional operation of the services provided.


Data management

We don’t manage the data held in your account, other than to ensure compliance with the AUP when required.


Reasonable Analysis

Excessive analysis won’t be undertaken unless it’s specific to a complete service failure. This means we don’t analyse the following:

  • Why emails are marked as spam
  • Why emails aren’t marked as spam
  • Why people are hacking your site
  • How people are hacking your site


Configuration requests

Should you contact us regarding a required configuration and the respective facility or feature be available in your cPanel, you’ll be directed to this. We provide a suite of services to allow you to implement your required configuration, and do our best to ensure that these are fully functional.


Using your computer

There may be a requirement to install software on your computer when requesting support. This is specific to the operation of your computer, rather than our platform, so you may be asked to carry this out of your own accord, then get back to us once you have, to receive the support that we provide.


Dedicated and Virtual Servers

When using a dedicated server, this allows you to dictate the underlying server configuration upon request. We can change the way services operate where possible and supported by cPanel or other server management system as appropriate upon request.

Whilst we will forewarn you if what you’re requesting may risk the integrity of your server or cause downstream issues, the configuration change request is ultimately your decision as it will only affect your services. 

Examples of changes of this nature include (but aren’t limited to);

  • Removal or increase in outgoing email per hour limits
  • Customised pre-virtualhost includes
  • The enabling of older/weak cipher suites to accommodate older client software
  • The enabling or disabling of specific spam blocklists/filtering
  • Specific IP whitelisting/firewall configuration

As with our shared hosting platform, we don’t  support your site’s code or operation. We provide a platform on which you can operate sites, but their operation, security, code base and functionality aren’t covered by our scope of support. The support provided for VPS’ operates on a break/fix basis. Netnerd does not provide a root cause analysis service.